I’m an Order Verification Rep

Key challenge

Order review calls require that I check and collect information across several web portals, each with their own login and workflow. This creates an operational and cognitive complexity that results in long call times and low level of order review accuracy.


By seeing all risk assessment information in a single page with the Risk Cloud, I am able to  spend more of my time on analyzing risk rather than moving from tool to tool to string together order data.  As a result, my  order review accuracy has improved by 40 percent, while my average call time has decreased by half,  from 10 to 5 minutes.  I feel that I have better job security and that I am providing a better experience for customers.

The Impact of Risk Cloud to You

  • Manual review accuracy improved by over 40 percent

  • Average call time reduced from 10 to 5 minutes

  • Reduced onboarding of new Reps from 7 to 2 days