Imagine if you could…

Deliver an omnichannel experience that unifies all aspects of retail to work in harmony for connected consumers.

Retailers of smart phones, tablets, cable subscriptions and other connected products and services have unique challenges: multifaceted sales processes, ever-changing device and service configurations, limited visibility into product lifecycle profitability, undetected fraud risks, and complex financial settlements—all amid a sea of competition.

Since most retail solutions are designed for general point-of-sale and ecommerce, many retailers organically matured their solutions with custom integrations and development as they expand from single to multiple retail channels—a stage in which retailers simply cannot evolve efficiently toward the promise of omnichannel commerce and beyond.

There is another way … a better way. Consensus offers Connected Commerce™, designed to unify the retail experience for connected products. Built on a Software-as-a-Service platform, it enables retailers to choose what retail applications and services they need and easily plug them into their existing systems without complex integration.

Are you ready to deliver a better, simpler omnichannel experience to your consumers? Let’s get started.