Web Commerce

This is your Web experience. Create it. Design it. Own it.

Web - Branded Web Shopping Experience.

Branded Web Shopping Experience.
Make it your own.

All consumer touch points throughout the purchase path can be branded to align with the retailer’s brand identity, making it a completely unified experience. Retailers have full control over editorial content, graphics logos, email copy, pricing, promotions, as well as defining what content to include or exclude by store or geography.

Web - Search, Browse, Filter, Review.

Search, Browse, Filter, Review.
Take control.

In addition to filter and browse, the Consensus Web Commerce also supports faceted search to enable consumers to easily find the most relevant products. Retailers can control guided search and browsing, keyword buckets, relevancy ranking, product ranking, search results filtering, synonym dictionary and search results ranking.

Web - A/B Testing.

A/B Testing.
Find a winner.

The Consensus Web Commerce allows retailers to perform A/B testing rules to increase conversions. With Consensus, retailers can easily test and compare the original version of a web page against alternatives and once sufficient data is collected, retailers can optimize traffic to the highest winning designs.

Web - Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization.

Consensus has been publishing sites on the web for a decade incorporating all known best practices for SEO. Consensus allows retailers to edit and optimize metadata and URLs and produces pages with clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines.

Web - Web Analytics.

Web Analytics.
You have visitors.

Consensus offers conversion reporting that monitors visitor counts, including raw impressions and unique visitors in real time. In addition, Consensus is integrated with Google Analytics, to offer advanced insights on where your visitors come from, which words trigger these visits, which channels drive the most traffic, and which OS/Browsers are used by visitors who land on the Web store. We can easily support other web analytics as well.

Web - Personalized Emails.

Personalized Emails.
Keep in touch.

Consensus provides 50+ personalized emails to support every aspect of a consumer purchase lifecycle. To drive conversions, retailers can automatically email visitors who abandoned their carts with personalized offers for the items they left behind. Retailers can also control which email notifications to brand and trigger. These include order confirmation, backorder notification, credit check completed/denied, RMA created, split orders and many more.

Web - Secure


Consensus is in compliance with PCI Security Council standards and is SSL enabled.