In-Store Commerce

POS just got simpler. That's the point.

In-Store - Guided Selling Workflows.

Guided Selling Workflows.
Commerce made easy.

Use one intuitive, yet powerful workflow that guides the sales associate through the complex process of selling, activating, and provisioning services that span multiple carrier and third party systems. The results? What took hours now takes mere minutes.

In-Store - Virtual Inventory Program.

Virtual Inventory Program.
Say no to “out of stock.”

Use Virtual Inventory Program (VIP) to integrate and consolidate all inventory levels and statuses into a single, virtual hub. Gain real-time visibility into a virtual supply of inventory from any store, and order in-store and ship to consumer. With VIP, retailers lower their lost opportunities in “out of stock” situations.

In-Store - Serialized Inventory Management.

Serialized Inventory Management.
Take control.

Track the complete history of serialized devices from inventory receipt at the store to sales processing and activation, as well as every step in between to accurately configure and provision services. Plus track the reverse process - authorizing device returns, credits and deactivations at the serial level.

In-Store - Upsell/Cross-sell Services.

Upsell/Cross-sell Services.
See AOV skyrocket!

Easily add, remove, test and optimize value-added services for connected devices: warranty, insurance, protection and trade-in services. Introduce these value-added services where relevant in the selling process to increase average order value and earn more commission.

In-Store - Point of Sale.

Point of Sale.
Plug and Play.

Designed to be modular and scalable, retailers have the option to use either Consensus POS or in-house POS. If retailers choose in-house POS, simply use Consensus API or barcode scan sheets to exchange transaction data between the systems.

In-Store - Designed for Mobile.

Designed for Mobile.
Go Anywhere.

Built on HTML5, the Consensus In-Store Commerce was designed to bring the point of sale and activation experience to tablets and smartphones taking the transaction into the aisle and alongside your customer.