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Built on a Software-as-a-Service platform, Consensus Connected CommerceTM eliminates the need for dedicating in-house resources to build and maintain custom point of sale and integrations with network operators and service providers of connected products.

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Consensus In-Store CommerceTM guides the in-store retail associate to select, activate, insure, protect and buy-back connected devices. Retailers can access and sell a virtual supply of inventory, in addition to what’s stocked in the store, minimizing embarrassing “out of stock” situations.

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Consensus Web CommerceTM is a fully featured ecommerce solution that seamlessly integrates with the in-store channel to offer customers more options to research, pre-order or buy online and pick-up in store. Retailers can fully brand the web store experience and launch quickly, often in a matter of days!

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Consensus Social CommerceTM is built on Facebook Open Graph. By smartly using the Facebook social and interest data, we deliver a thoughtful, personalized experience based on what your consumers love or what their friends and interest circles recommend or bought. Further, retailers can also spread the love by offering social incentives and giveaways. Now that’s love!

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More and more consumers have moved to smartphones and tablets as their primary shopping experience and so should you. Connected CommerceTM is built as a mobile-ready, responsive solution that provides an optimized shopping experience for consumers.

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Cross-Channel Analytics

Consensus Cross-Channel Analytics empowers all users from executives to the front-line staff with performance dashboards designed to track sales, product profitability and store performance. With relevant and timely insights, individuals have answers to questions like: “What is the overall revenue across all my regions?” “Did revenue and profitability improve over time?” You’ll look smart because you’ll actually be smarter.

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