Connected Commerce™. Innovation Starts Here.

Cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, Smart TVs…they’re all types of Internet “connected products” that require lots of specialized capabilities. From activation and service contracts to fraud checks and financing, buying a connected product is never a straightforward proposition. There are myriad choices for the consumer to make: which brand, what options, what network provider, length of service contract. And don’t forget add-ons and apps. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Behind the scenes, the retailer is tasked with tracking an overwhelming number of constantly changing data streams and their associated tributaries. It’s an impossible challenge for retailers not to mention the overwhelmed store clerks, who are expected to serve as product specialists. The result is exasperating for all concerned. Retailers lose revenue and consumers pay the price by time spent in line.

At Consensus we are radically simplifying the decidedly un-simple transactional process of selling these devices, from point of sale through activation and beyond. We are masters of big data and gurus of granularity. Our cloud-based solutions for in-store, web and mobile unify the complex and interdependent data streams between retailers, manufacturers, digital service providers and network operators. We are on a mission to streamline connected product commerce, boosting retailer margins, reducing their IT spend and creating a great shopping experience for consumers.

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